The Bravest Worrier

Join Zayny on her brave journey defeating the big, hairy, and sometimes scary Worry. Zayny is a girl who just can't seem to escape Worry! Worry follows her everywhere. Worry is loud, messy, rude and full of discouraging words. Zayny can't eat or sleep and her world is an unbearable gloomy place. She discovers that Worry was nothing more than a bully who lives on the inside that made her believe she was never good enough. Zayny has had enough of being consumed by Worry and missing out on all the fun. Zayny, ready to take back her joy, puts on her armor, digs deep inside herself and finds the strength to kick Worry right out of her life. No longer held back by Worry, Zayny takes control and zooms happily full speed ahead making everyday a fun and exciting adventure. The Bravest Worrier is a whimsical, exciting, and timeless story to help readers take back their joy by overcoming worry and anxiety.